Get Quote for Solar PV Panels

147 Gigawatts of renewable electricity came online in 2015- the largest annual increase ever. This is a statement taken from The Guardian website in 2016. So why have so many people decided to invest in Solar PV.

The savings and 20 year Government backed tax free income has certainly helped make it an affordable route to dramatically slash energy bills, whilst increasing bank balances from the money generated by the solar pv systems, installed on the house roofs, garage and even ground mounts, for those who have some spare land.

So how are your estimated savings and income calculated, to give you a much lower energy bill and boost your bank account with tax free money?

When our expert energy assessors visit your property at a pre arranged appointment to suit you, they will carry out a full property assessment, which consists of the following:

  • What energy saving products do you currently have
  • Have you got cavity wall insulation
  • Any loft insulation to reduce heat loss
  • How old are your windows and doors (years they have been fitted for).
  • Orientation of your property to due south
  • Size and pitch of roof, which dictates the amount of panels to be installed
  • Condition of roof structure

Once this information has been gathered the assessor will be able to estimate the savings from your current high energy bills and provide the figures of projected income at the current feed-in tariff rate and export rate.

If having Solar PV is not going to benefit you, we WILL advise you NOT to go ahead as it will not benefit you. However, if it is going to benefit you financially, then you'll make your own mind up to invest in having Solar PV.

Depending on how many questions that you have at the time of the appointment, it should only last 45 - 90 minutes. You will not only have a clear understanding of how Solar PV really works and the benefits to having Solar, but also the peace of mind that as energy prices increase over the next few years, you will be safe and protected by lower bills thanks to the free electricity provided by your Tier 1 Solar panels.