Commercial Solar PV - MCS Product

Solar panels are also transforming the way businesses and the public sector think about their energy sources. Every day, more and more people are coming to the realisation that Saint Solar Energy power, is both a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels.

Commercial PV Instalations

Investing in solar power from Saint Solar Energy can have considerable advantages for businesses. As well as receiving extra income from any surplus power produced, companies can also expect to see a drop in their energy bills and an increase in the rental value of their property. On top of that, solar panels make it much easier to comply with environmental targets. It also enhances your ‘green credentials’, demonstrating your business’ long-term commitment to the environment and renewable energy. All in all, investing in solar power makes excellent business sense.

Whether you are a public sector consumer or business owner, our team of solar PV experts can install the latest solar technology on your property. To find out more about how solar panels could save you money, reduce your carbon footprint and even increase the value of your business, take a look through our website or call us directly on 01977 269045 to speak to one of our experts about what solar power can do for you and your business. Alternatively, contact us via email or our online contact form to book a visit from one of our experienced PV installers, today.

Public PV Instalations

PV installations are rapidly increasing in popularity with councils and their contractors because PV is an excellent long-term energy solution. Once installed, solar panels require little to no maintenance and no additional running costs. Plus, Feed In Tariffs are not just for domestic users. Public sector buildings like schools, hospitals and even council offices can also generate extra income by selling any excess energy on to power companies. Even smaller premises can benefit. Providing the solar PV system is under 5MW, owners will receive payment for all the power they produce, even if they use it all themselves. This can quickly add up to a significant return on the original investment of fitting a solar panel array.

Public PV instalations